Mark Lanegan – Whiskey for the Holy Ghost

Mark Lanegan’s second solo album was released in between his band The Screaming Trees final two albums, 1992s breakthrough ‘Sweet Oblivion’ and 1996’s ‘Dust’. The album showcased Lanegan’s growing maturity as a songwriter and vocalist and is regarded as an early career high point. Lanegan would go on to make another 9 solo albums, nearly always informed by the blues, collaborating with a vast array of figures including Kurt Cobain, PJ Harvey, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Breeders, UNKLE, Manic Street Preachers and former Belle & Sebastian singer Isobel Campbell – with whom he made 3 albums.

“Lanegan’s voice, bathed in bourbon and nicotine, transforms the deep sorrow of the country blues into something new, compelling, and entirely his own…it ranks as one of the best “dark night of the soul” albums of the 1990s” – Allmusic

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