STOP EVERYTHING AND LISTEN TO MERRY CLAYTON ON CD – Gimme Shelter and Merry Clayton by Merry Clayton

“Well first listen to ‘Gimme Shelter’ by the Rolling Stones.”

That searing backing voice belongs to Merry Clayton, who recorded the song with the Stones while heavily pregnant, in her pajamas and perfectly set hair curlers after being called to the studio in the middle of the night. She knocked it out in just a few takes. 3 minutes into the song as her voice cracks hitting a high note you can hear a a shout of “woo!” coming from Mick in response to her unbelievable vocals. 

With a love of singing but not for fame, Merry chose a career as a back up singer and worked with everyone from The Supremes to Elvis. Luckily for us however, she did record two sneaky albums and they are absolute gold. She is an undervalued icon and we’ve got her CDs at TITLE.


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