Listen: The Jam – All Mod Cons

“The sound of an English youth movement.” – The BBC

An essential ‘angry young man’ record, All Mod Cons remains one of the prime statements of disillusioned youth from the punk generation. Dispersing the personal with the political, guitarist and songwriter, Paul Weller’s lyrics reaches new depths on songs like “In The Crowd” exploring the loss of ones’ individuality due the pressures of society and “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight” snapshotting the paranoia and the violence of the London Underground. Soundtracked by the familiar power trio’s sound of buzzsaw guitars interwoven between the pulsating rhythm section, the Jam takes their sound further with guitar harmonies, psychedelic flourishes and acoustic numbers. 

Like all classic rock records, there’s nothing to do but turn it up and let all the noise knock you out. Have your ear to the ground though and All Mod Cons will catch you all on the fall with its deeply relatable working class narratives . For all of it’s Punk Rock immediacy, it is a record that rewards every listen.

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