Listen: NEU! – NEU!

“Neu: standing with cocked German eyebrows at the nexus of shimmering space rock, processed psychedelia, mechanical kraut, and wonderfully libidinal disco.”       – Pitchfork

Even in 2022, Neu! still sounds like the future. It’s easy to talk about how much this band/record have influenced but there is no denying that the power of sheer hypnotism that it has upon its discoverers or revisinonists. Right from the first track “Hallogallo,” the catchy groove and sustained Motorik rhythm pulls you in and before you know it the dreamy synths and hazy electric guitars takes you over. The name of the game here might be repetition, but the songs feel unexplored while familiar grooves floats on by purely because of the inventive and shifting soundscapes that the duo of Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger conjures. For all it’s inventiveness it never manages to sound aimless or experimental for the sake of it. This is record is a trip and
an easy but rewarding one to say the least. Rest your hips and let your head do the moving for this one. 

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