In Praise of:   Siri Hustvedt.

” Hustvedt has the imaginative mastery to encase complex ideas in the flesh and blood needed to render them visceral”. – Observer.

There are few writers working today who can reconcile an inner life with an outward one as completely as Siri Hustvedt.

An American writer, and specifically a New York writer, dense and knotted as a tapestry. She writes with a passion about passionate things. In her investigations of the inner life, of desire, of who we think we are, she raises the infernal question: as a woman, how is it possible to live well in the world and live our special kind of life. One answer: when women are fully in control of their own stories and male entitlement is consigned to the dustbin of history.

Heat and dust: it’s hauntingly passionate and it stays with you long after her kind of dust has settled. All over you.

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