We need to start talking about…….Yoko Tawada.

“In Tawada’s work, one has the feeling of having wandered into a mythology that is not one’s own”. – Rivka Galchen, New Yorker.

Utterly original. Stories that sit in that intersection between hallucination and reality. The Bridegroom was a Dog. It’s an erotic fable…… and why not?

The Naked Eye: A Vietnamese woman is kidnapped on the other side of the Berlin Wall, then falls under a strange spell of domestic-sexual boredom with her lover-abductor before escaping on a train to Russia. But unexpectedly ends up in Paris, where penniless, she wanders on the fringe of society, meeting a prostitute, a theatre troupe and always there in the centre of her obsessions and fantasies: the iconic French film star Catherine Deneuve !

Fiction doesn’t get any weirder. And yet……a monk who leaps into his own reflection actually sounds…… about right.


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