Eve Babitz: I am a stacked 18 year old blonde on Sunset Boulevard. I am also a writer.

“People with brains went to New York and people with faces went to LA. When they reach 15 and their beauty arrives, it’s very exciting, like coming into an inheritance……and it’s fun to be around when they first come into the money and how they spend it and on what”. – Eve Babitz.

The voluptuous bard of LA, the hedonist with a notebook, all lust, drugs and tequila, a free spirit living her life her way.

Her curiosity, her beauty, Brigitte Bardot with a shag haircut, T shirt and hip hugging jeans. Introducing Frank Zappa to Salvador Dali. There she was again, playing chess, nude, with Marcel Duchamp.

Required reading for those who love luxurious, undulating prose and a taste for deeply personal writing by a woman who had a taste for deeply personal experiences that she shared with anyone in sight.

In every young man’s life, there is an Eve Babitz. It’s usually Eve Babitz


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