“A debut novel and an instant classic.” Shatteringly well written, the author does what only great writers can do; translate nuanced and evasive feelings into language…As if it is the first time a particular emotion, feeling or experience has been properly acknowledged and documented; discovered, excavate

“Life can be hard. Yes. But if a person hasn’t experienced true despair, she grows old never knowing how to evaluate where she is in life; never understanding what joy really is. I’m grateful for it.” Death, charming, loneliness, gentle. These words may seem at odds but Banana Yoshimoto harmonizes them

The original destroyer. The girl who decided she could. Who didn’t care. And that was the essence of the problem. Henry and June: who in the crowd, and it is ultimately quite a crowd, can you identify with? The more you read, the deeper the struggle to acknowledge how seamlessly you become an essential pa

“”Is it possible to follow up the masterpiece that is the OUTLINE Trilogy [Outline, Transit, Kudos] with another book that is just as good?” This profound meditation on art, freedom, men and women, is a beautifully woven tapestry that takes you out of your domestic limbo and into a place Cusk loves to