Paul McCartney's selfie in 1964: Eyes of the Storm

McCartney’s Eye of the Storm

In 1964, The Beatles are the biggest band in the world. Their second album With The Beatles has proved they aren’t a flash in the pan, and they tour the US for the first time. Fans swoon and the media swoop to create Beatlemania and four of the most documented humans on Earth.

Decades later we’re given new context and a fresh angle to their history. From in a shoebox under his bed (we like to imagine) within his personal archives, Paul McCartney’s own memories of that time have surfaced.

1964: The Eyes of the Storm boasts 275 images that cover the Beatles’ chaos across Six cities; Liverpool, London, Paris, New York, Washington and Miami. McCartney’s photographs are aimed back at the photographers; snapped while running from the screaming fans; and candid moments of downtime with intimate, never-before-seen images of Ringo, George, John and of course a few old school selfies…

With a foreword and city chapter introductions by McCartney, he offers his impressions of place and time as the Sixties got under way in earnest.

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