• Walking Through Clear Water In a Pool Painted Black

    Walking Through Clear Water In a Pool Painted Black

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    Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black is the only complete collection of the works the legendary writer, actress, ex-biker and columnist Cookie Mueller. Mueller chronicles her high-risk, high-reward life in glorious technicolour, from becoming a part of John Waters' legendary acting troupe to becoming a mother, from describing the hedonism of 1980s New York to critiquing the government's dire response to the AIDS epidemic. Cookie's voice is fresh, wise, freewheeling and unafraid of darkness. Like a lysergic Nora Ephron, she is the candid flipside to the idealistic hippie dream. Whether good, bad or ugly, her stories are fiercely entertaining and reliably honest. Featuring a new introduction by Olivia Laing, this edition collects Mueller's stories, columns and writings, and presents a testament to a life lived courageously and well.