TITLE is not about what’s NEW. It’s about what’s GOOD.

TITLE is about the singular, the original, the definitive and the classic.
A place that sings like Nina Simone: passionate, assured, confident and intelligent.

TITLE is not a consumer guide. That comes from elsewhere.
The pop culture narrative is bound up in making hierarchies and sticking art into boxes.
TITLE is all about the art and artists that run free, the ones that don’t fit into boxes, and even more, the ones that last the distance and outlast time.

As Robert Forster once sang:
“Some people are excited by their cars
I want surprises
Just like spring rain.”

TITLE will get you wet.

Time spent at TITLE is like wandering through a village market surrounded by artisans, craftsmen, friends and fresh food. The sight and smell of an organic garden, the best of the best to be enjoyed by everyone.

TITLE is an emotional experience. An invitation to a party where everyone enjoys the company of giants. Where no-one leaves without feeling that they’ve just come in contact with an elusive idea they’ve been seeking all their lives.

An engagement in a private conversation they always expected to have somewhere. TITLE is that somewhere.

A feast of friends offering connections to a past, present and future so majestically in tune, you cannot leave without being addicted to the feel and sound of the place.

To hear the record again that prompted you to go out and experience life in the first place.
To pick up a box set of a director’s films that you always wanted to own.
To engage with the book you’d heard so much about but only now demand the time to read.
To experience books all in a row, to be reminded that it might just be the time to buy Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance again.

TITLE is a convergence of that memory and experience. And exploration.
A starting point for a journey into the future as well as a place to explore the past and witness the present.

Time doesn’t stand still at TITLE but it does remind us of another kind of life.
The life of the mind.
TITLE reminds us, as no other brand does, of not only who we are, but who we were and who we might want to be again.

TITLE : everything that’s worth having,

:……Just like Spring Rain.