“Free Dirt is a fine, fiery effort… the band hotwires the past for its own purposes..” – All Music 4 1/2 stars.  Released in 1986, Died Pretty‘s magnificent debut album, Free Dirt, remains one of the great Australian rock albums. Combining Stooges-like grunt with the avant-rock stylings of Pere Ubu and the Velvet Underground, the band forged a dark […]

” Hustvedt has the imaginative mastery to encase complex ideas in the flesh and blood needed to render them visceral”. – Observer. There are few writers working today who can reconcile an inner life with an outward one as completely as Siri Hustvedt. An American writer, and specifically a New York writer, dense and knotted […]

“Reality has always attracted me like a magnet, it tortured and hypnotized me, I wanted to capture it on paper. So I immediately appropriated this genre of actual human voices and confessions, witness evidences and documents.” – Svetlana Alexievich.   Reading Svetlana Alexievich may be the closest you can get to experiencing the past – […]

“I didn’t do fashion, I did the people in their clothes that became the fashion.” – Slim Aarons The difference between fashion and style…… is the difference between the transient and the timeless. Driven by a journalistic curiosity about how the world’s most privileged people lived, Slim Aarons photographed luxury fashion’s evolution through the decades.  […]

Harry's House

"We've all been invited in, and if you pay close attention, you may feel a little... awkward. Is it PDA if it's inside your own home? Unclear, but it doesn't appear to bother Harry either way. The former One Director star is famously coy about his private life in public, but here - on this album, or should I say, in this house? - he's given a teeny bit of insight, mostly in the form of... thirst. In the lead-up to its release, Harry was clear this was his 'most personal work yet'. Yes, all musicians say that, so we'll all listen with added interest. But is it true?"

- mamamia