September 30, 2023

More than ten years after his passing, Lucian Freud is celebrated for his remarkable contribution to contemporary art, and remains an enigmatic figure whose work and persona continue to captivate art lovers the world over. As an artist, Freud defied conventions and carved a unique niche in the realm of figurative painting. His distinctive approach to portraiture and the human form, marked by an unflinching commitment to realism, pushed the boundaries of traditional art. His work is anchored in h

September 23, 2023

In 1964, The Beatles are the biggest band in the world. Their second album With The Beatles has proved they aren’t a flash in the pan, and they tour the US for the first time. Fans swoon and the media swoop to create Beatlemania and four of the most documented humans on Earth. Decades later we’re given new context and a fresh angle to their history. From in a shoebox under his bed (we like to imagine) within his personal archives, Paul McCartney’s own memories of that time have surfaced. 1

June 17, 2023

It’s the early 80s, and into a largely white Australian pub rock scene, No Fixed Address kick down the doors with their roots-rock-reggae sound infused with stories of Indigenous rights, rebellion and survival. The five-piece came out of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music to cut their way through the country, and make a name for themselves in a scene unfamiliar with Aboriginality. Donald Robertson’s biography simply called No Fixed Address, paints a bold pi

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Harry’s House

“We’ve all been invited in, and if you pay close attention, you may feel a little… awkward. Is it PDA if it’s inside your own home? Unclear, but it doesn’t appear to bother Harry either way.
The former One Director star is famously coy about his private life in public, but here – on this album, or should I say, in this house? – he’s given a teeny bit of insight, mostly in the form of… thirst.
In the lead-up to its release, Harry was clear this was his ‘most personal work yet’. Yes, all musicians say that, so we’ll all listen with added interest. But is it true?”