It’s the early 80s, and into a largely white Australian pub rock scene, No Fixed Address kick down the doors with their roots-rock-reggae sound infused with stories of Indigenous rights, rebellion and survival. The five-piece came out of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music to cut their way through the country, […]

“I don’t deliberately set out to aggravate or shock. I don’t censor myself. You need to be honest. You need to not hold back. I hate twee art. I find it dishonest; a false, privileged construct. Life is not nice. Existence is sad and cruel” – Simon Hanselmann. Also, in Hanselmann’s graphic novels, life can […]

Film Lovers celebrate! The Sydney Film Festival returns this year for its 70th anniversary, from June 7 – 18, featuring films from all over the world, fresh from festivals such as Cannes, Sundance and the Berlinale. The SFF is always a must-see event allowing Sydney cinephiles a first look at some of the most anticipated […]